The Daily Scramble

Are You and Your Business Partner Having Problems?

We all start businesses with good intentions. ‘We’ll both work hard.. We‘re good friends and we respect each other. Our combined skills will be needed for the business to be successful. A partnership will help the business grow more quickly.’ Then life happens. One...

Using Level 3 Conversations to Bring Out the Best in Your Staff

 Drew just got done giving his staff of five the parameters of a new service they would be offering, how it would be rolled out, what the CEO wanted the company to be known for and what a high quality deliverable would look like. Then he said, “Let’s now have a level...

Getting Employees to Deliver Results

Mark was aggravated. Shelly had just told him, ‘We’re not going to meet our projections.” She had created goals that were important to the organization. Without their completion, other departments couldn’t move forward. Now she and her team were falling short.What was...

And You think you’ve got problems!

In line with our discussion of creating successful outcomes, here are some funny pictures of results created by some people who just couldn’t get it right. You think you’ve got problems? Reply to me if you laughed. Is it the laughter of recognition?[rev_slider...

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