The Daily Scramble, Dealing with Change


Earlier this week I met up with a fellow Conversational Intelligence coach who lives in New Zealand. I had reached out to her when I knew the dates I’d be there. She welcomed me even though we had never met, picked me up from the ferry (She lives on the island of...

Collaboration = Freedom

I’m on a bus traveling from Auckland, New Zealand to Rotorua, New Zealand. While on the bus I prepared a word doc that I need to submit to the City of New York as a provider of Professional Training and Development. Earlier this week I helped a couple members of my...

Change Is Scary

Change is scary. In the months leading up to this trip I wrestled with the overwhelmingness of it. Where would I travel to? How many countries and how long for the first trip? Visas, weather, inoculations, choosing a backpack or roller bag, getting a tablet (my...

Making Big Changes

Change! What does it take to change your lifestyle? To change the methods by which you serve your clients? To change how you deal with time? To change your communication methods? It means getting outside your comfort zone, being out on the skinny branches where it’s...

Engaging those 9 to 5’ers

Let’s get real. You want your people to be resourceful, show initiative, think for themselves, own their jobs, come up with solutions, and then implement them with little guidance from you once they’ve been trained. You think you hired the right person with every...

Being the Bottleneck

Let’s get real. You’re a bottleneck. Every time you do something yourself that someone else could be doing just because you want ‘to do it right’, you’re a bottleneck. You’re preventing your employee from learning so that you can delegate it to him or her in the...

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