Lunch & Learn Programs

Lunch & Learn seminars are an easy way for you to educate your employees.

lunch and learnEach presentation can vary from 30-90 minutes, (or become a half day seminar) It’s a convenient way for you and your employees to get a taste of Jeri Quinn.

Presentations include:

1. Customer Service Drives Customer Loyalty Which Drives My Paycheck
Every employee contributes to customer service and has a hand in creating a service environment that earns customer loyalty. How do loyal customers help the business grow? What do all the studies show as the most important factor? How important is each employee? Participants will create a list of ‘points of connection’ and discuss how they can improve the customer experience. They’ll learn about internal and external customers, some tips for taking care of unhappy customers, and lots about verbal and non-verbal communication, using the telephone, email, and face-2-face interaction.

Christy Goldfeder“Jeri showed me how to create goals that were measurable and achievable. She taught me the value in creating more structure in everything that I do – from sales and marketing, to tracking, to product creation.

By creating systems around the way I market and run my business, I accomplish so much more than I used to. And I have more freedom to do more in my business and my life. —Christy Goldfeder, Entrepreneur

2. Networking Strategies for Everyone
In order to build the company brand and develop new business, many companies are encouraging all employees to know how to speak about the company and network wherever they find themselves. But for a good number of employees this is strange and anxiety producing. In this program participants will clarify the purpose of networking, learn how to target their efforts, create framing statements so they represent the company well, learn the importance of listening and reading the non-verbal cues. They will learn and practice activities to make them more comfortable in networking situations. The do’s and don’ts of networking will be explained. Social networking will be touched on and this could be a good time to discuss your company’s social networking policy.

3. Goal Busters: Successful Achievement Every Time
Goals help us set the intention to break out of our comfort zones. How do we effectively choose an appropriate goal, structure the goal to be achieved, get motivated, make the achieved goal into a habit? We’ll talk about aligning professional and personal goals, understanding seven levels of focus so goals get done and you feel good achieving them. In this interactive presentation participants will learn to identify SMART goals, hear how our brains help and hinder us. Each person will practice the goal achievement methodology on one of his or her own goals.

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