The Daily Scramble

Ideas to Build a Customer-Centric-Bottom-Line

How often do you acknowledge and praise each of your employees? The Problem: As a business owner or manager you get caught up in the daily tasks, the things you have to get done.  Because you are task and deadline focused, you sometimes forget to praise your...

Joan Rivers, Will Broadway Dim Its Lights?

How do we think of Joan Rivers? Comedienne? TV star? Broadway star? Is she perceived as a Broadway star so she could have the usual tribute of the dimming of the Broadway lights in her honor? Some people said no, namely the Broadway League, which represents theater...

What are you tolerating in your business?

A young Vice President in a financial services company was talking about his career and the accolades he got from his manager and the owner of the company. My client has demonstrated his superior team leadership skills with his operations team. He’s also doing a great...

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