Customer Loyalty Playbook

How Would You Like To…

Add an extra 25-100% profit to your bottom line?
Reduce costs by keeping existing clients?
Have more predictable cash flow?

Just like in sports your business can have a playbook, a notebook that contains the game plays that make a team successful. It documents the coordinated strategies and tactical actions that keep the team moving forward toward winning their game. Each chapter has a play diagram followed by an explanation, a case study and discussion questions to use with your team.

Inside this business playbook book are:

  • 9 compelling reasons why you want to improve customer and client loyalty
  • 12 executable and customizable winning game strategies that you can use independently of the others to gain customer loyalty – – the ultimate end goal of a successful and sustainable business.

Download The First Chapter Free

It includes the 9 compelling reasons why you want to improve customer and client loyalty plus gives you a taste of the content of the rest of the book.

A go-to guide for growing small to midsize businesses, this is the book that will bring profit to your bottom line!

Filled with everything you need to know to effectively build a growing and thriving business, maintain your customer base, and obtain long-term highly efficient employees, The Customer Loyalty Playbook is a must-read for the serious business owner.

Jeri Quinn’s easy-to-understand diagrams, case studies, and discussion questions offer you and your team the keys to achieving the ultimate profitability and enjoyment from your business.

Ivan Misner PhD,

Founder of BNI® (Business Networks International) & NY Times Best selling author of 17 books

How to Use This Playbook:

  • Select an image from a chapter you want your team to understand and implement,
  • Download it from the Diagrams page, print and distribute, or project it on a screen for your whole team to see.
  • Have a few members of your staff pre-read the chapter’s explanation and case study and summarize it for the rest of the team.
  • Then, let them proceed to ask the questions suggested in the book. Engage your staff in contributing their ideas.
  • Select the best idea–or a combination of ideas–to implement that moves the company forward.

You’ve started to practice distributed leadership, which generates your staff’s active interest in implementation. You’re now already practicing one of the things the book suggests. Each chapter can be used at a “lunch-and-learn” or team meeting to build employee involvement in making the business more customer-centric. Each chapter can be used independently of the others.

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