“I highly recommend Jeri Quinn as a business consultant to anyone who is considering starting a company. She suggested approaches that I never would have considered. To put it simply – I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But Jeri did. I’m so grateful to her for her expertise. Any entrepreneur or person with a business idea would be fortunate to have Jeri’s direction and advice. She helped me break down my concept and gave me specifics for critical market research which revealed issues with my business plan. Because of this information, I am able to take a new direction with my business without any financial loss. I will definitely use Jeri Quinn’s services again.”

Kathleen Courtney


“I like your idea of working on my business instead of only in my business. True and necessary words. You helped me realize the importance of staying on top of the situation. Doing your evaluation, page by page, brought about, for me, the “thinking out of the box” that we all desire. Thank you for that. From now on, I think big! You have a great way of taking the fear out of looking at the facts. You also equipped us with the tools to work within our budgets and properly prepare those budgets. I will warmly recommend you, Jeri, and Driving Improved Results for anyone serious about getting to the next level in their business.”

Thomas Wolf

Independent Associate, USANA Health Sciences

“Jeri Quinn is the go-to-person to make your organization operate at an optimum level. Her concepts and teaching style are very interactive and she has a knack for making the complex simple. She really breaks things down to the lowest common denominator. I highly recommend Jeri Quinn and her wonderful organization, Driving Improved Results.”

Tyrone Turner


“As a new small business owner, I have learned so much from Jeri in the past few months as her client- she has helped me understand what strategic marketing is all about and how to formulate a plan for accomplishing the goals that I want to attain. No matter what we are speaking about, Jeri is full of great ideas and “pearls of wisdom” about how I should go about marketing my business and increasing my client base.

Before I started working with Jeri, my marketing was scatter-shot and all over the place. She has helped me focus my energies and efforts strategically to achieve my most important goals. As a result, I am much more productive and efficient in my marketing efforts now. And knowing that I have to report in to her on a regular basis has enabled me to make greater progress in building my business than I had before.

Jeri is a smart, sensitive, knowledgeable and patient business coach who is very adept at understanding what kind of support her clients need and in giving them the type of advice that will keep them on track. Jeri has an incredible “toolbox” full of marketing and business advice which she generously shares with all her clients.

I can unconditionally recommend Jeri as a business coach whether you are a new business owner looking to “learn the ropes” or a seasoned business owner looking to take your business to the next level. 

If anyone has any questions or would like to contact me to speak further about this, please feel free to email me at sm@sandymerrill.com

Sandy Merrill


“SPROUT is actually doing really well right now.  We’re booked through Dec and have more money in the bank than I’ve had in the past 4 years with my former company.  I’m thrilled.  And, I have to credit you with one of our biggest productivity tactics – scheduling our time in advance.  Every Friday we look at the billable/non-billable work for the next week and schedule our calendars.  It really helps us stay focused each day.  I also use the budget tool that you gave me, which has allowed us to meet our revenue goals for the past 3 months.  It’s very exciting!  Your advice and guidance truly set a strong foundation for what we hope SPROUT will become.  

I can’t believe I waited this long to invest in myself and my company.  Advice to anyone reading this testimonial… don’t wait.  Just get started.  The investment paid off within the first few months as we implemented goal-setting tactics – and will continue to benefit me for years to come.  Thank you.”

Dechay Watts

Content Strategist & SEO Web Writer, SPROUT Content

“It was such a great experience attending the Fast Trac course with you! This series of classes helped me polish my business idea and transform it into reality. 

Your constant input was outstanding, and the list of guests you brought to the class completely enriched the profile of the course. You go above and beyond our expectations, and your network and recommendations beyond the class experience has helped me in this new chapter of my life. I must admit that with your help and enthusiasm, I was able to find the strength to rent the store I was looking for! 

Thank you once again for your guidance, and I hope to keep staying in touch.

See you at my store opening… finally scheduled for October 2018!

Carmen Ferreyra

Founding Partner, Portenas

“The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Jeri is energy–not potential energy but kinetic energy.  Searching for a Newtonian analogy, Jeri’s energy translates into results because energy leads to a reaction.  This is especially true when it comes in contact with other things.  I feel that Jeri engagement, passion, and dedication are catalysts that will leave a permanent impression with the entrepreneurs she works with. 

The special thing about Jeri is that she has actually built and sold a company herself.  There is no greater experience to help other entrepreneurs.  I think that the ultimate credential of a business coach is having been a successful entrepreneur themselves.  Jeri can walk the walk and talk the talk.  I highly recommend.”

Maurice Perdreau

CEO, So You Know LLC

“I would like to thank you for your time and expertise in business building. Your knowledge, drive and care for improving business plans has helped our company greatly. Your commitment to small business shows in your efforts, and I will recommend you highly to other businesses looking for growth. Thank You for all that you do.

Feel free to use it as a testimonial.”

Charles J. Di Bartolo

President, BetterBizWorks, LLC

“Jeri Quinn taught me the practical aspects of building and sustaining a business. From business planning, marketing research, even resting from it all and taking time to regroup. Her expertise went beyond the textbook from her experiences and from being a business owner herself. The insightful answers and advice pertaining to our progress and struggles will never be forgotten.  Thanks Jeri”

Charlotte Davis

Founder, Non-Profit

“I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the business coaching I received from you. It was a pleasure to work with you and I enjoyed your friendship and attentiveness. It was clear from the beginning that your professional knowledge, creativity, and vision in business building were excellent. It was truly beneficial to me and will be to the others who choose you as their coach.

Through the work we did together, you helped me clarify my vision and broaden my understanding of how to grow in my field. You provided a set of practical tools, steps, and directions towards my goal. You also provided ideas and encouragement for writing my book as well as guidance for the big picture for my personal development and the stages of development for my business. I especially appreciated your involvement with the details of organizing an introduction workshop in New York City.  Your insight and creative solutions to my particular kind of my business were tremendously valuable. I will be using the tools and practices you shared with me for years to come. Thank you for all of your guidance and support.”

Dina Kushnir

Director, Zohar BodyMind Healing

“I have been working with Jeri Quinn for the past eight months. I hired her after we connected during the FastTrac Growth Venture course at NYC Business Solutions. In the FastTrac program, I saw that we spoke the same language of cultivating human capital such as employees, clients, and strategic partners. Yet Jeri had financial and executive confidence I lacked as a business owner. As I searched for support past the Growth Venture course, I discovered Jeri had the perfect program for me. We reconnected to begin our coaching partnership several months later.

In the past eight months, the number one benefit I have gained from our relationship is clarity. I am clear that I create the culture of my business, whether it generates a lot of income or a little, and how it does so. I have identified several self-imposed obstacles and removed them. For example, I discovered that my personal relationship with money and growing up poor is still affecting the income I create in my business. We have developed an action plan to give me more confidence and power around my business finances, including a change in bookkeeping and accounting services.

I say “we” because Jeri is a part of my success team. She has my back, but she doesn’t stop there. She gives me extra practice or homework to minimize the impact of my weaknesses and to maximize the effectiveness of my strengths. She is very intuitive and skilled in identifying and molding both qualities. We see results every week.

Nance Schick

Esq, Counselor-at-Law, Business and Conflict Resolution

“Almost every business owner I know considers business growth to be a great mystery and also finds managing their business to be a source of frequent stress. In her amazing workshop, Jeri helped me find a custom-made blueprint for growth that takes all the mystery out of the process, and she helped me see — for the very first time — how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I’m excited about the growth that is certain to result from the time I spent with Jeri!”

Tom Martin

President, Tom Martin Media, LLC

“In the Spring of 2018, I was privileged enough to gain access to FastTrac New Venture which was co-facilitated.  One of the facilitators was Jeri Quinn.  Jeri not only offered the lessons needing to be accomplished, but she provided this information as a person who has also started companies herself.  That perspective was priceless.  I was able to go through the business planning process in an easily digestible manner, and also gained additional insight about starting up from the people Jeri invited in to speak with us.  One of the biggest takeaways for me was actually understanding how to create a company that aligned with my values.  With this thought in mind, I was able to build a plan that will allow me to create an environment that can scale in a manner that will allow both myself and future employees to do amazing work, while being in an environment that will also allow them to thrive.  I am happy to have had such an insightful person facilitating this course.”

Regina Clark


“I took FastTrac New Venture with Jeri this spring, as I was in the process of exploring the feasibility of a new business. I am an academic researcher with no business background. Through this course and her particular emphasis on understanding all aspects of the financials–and how to evaluate them–I was able to develop a business plan. Thanks to her effective and comprehensive teaching, I am currently a finalist in the 2018 NY STARTUP! business plan competition.”

Maureen Miller, PhD

Research & Media

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