Improving your organization: So much to read and so little time to read it all. Want some help?

In the articles below I’ve done some summarizing for you. The ‘Loyalty Effect’ article gives you the highlights of that book. The ‘BlessingWhite’ article gives you the main findings of that study. The following articles pull together other things you need to run a successful business. Feel free to spread these articles around your organization. It’s part of having an organization with ‘distributed leadership versus centralized leadership.’

Keep checking back. We’ll be adding to this list.

Employee Loyalty and Its Synergy with Customer Loyalty, Value Creation and Increased Profits

by Jeri Quinn, Findings and Explanations from The Loyalty Effect by Fredrick Reichheld, case studies and qualitative research linking employee loyalty, client loyalty and profitability

2011 BlessingWhite Employee Engagement Study

Only 1 in 3 employees is engaged, and 2 of 3 are possibly looking to leave your employ. Read a summary, read the whole study (80 pages).

Delegate or Die

Lists the 10 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Won’t Make It If They Keep All Their Tasks To Themselves. It gives a good solution for making the transition to the next level.

Finding Your Target Market

An article on how to zero in on a well defined and lucrative target market

ARE YOU READY,To Turn Potential into Performance and Performance into Profit?

A two page explanation of Jay Galbraith’s STAR model with questions that help you as the business owner assess all the interdependent parts of your business. This helps gives a framework for your problem solving strategies.

Strategic Planning Successful Implementations

A Framework for Small Businesses, article on what business owners need to consider when creating a strategic business plan

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