The Daily Scramble, Dealing with Change

Communicating with Your Clients Throughout This Challenge

(Join us for a daily support conversation. See more below) Clients want to hear you’re a leader. They want to hear from the owner of the business they rely on. They want to see your character and your values come shining through. They want to feel your empathy for...

Join This Daily Zoom-based Conversation for Business Leaders

As a business coach, I talk to medium and small businesses all the time. Lately I’ve been hearing ‘I don’t know if my business can survive this. Clients aren’t buying. Employees are distracted, worried and absent. There is no money coming in. I’m worried about my own...

New Year, New Decade, New Choices

How will you make 2020 a year that makes a difference in your life? You only get one life to live, and the next year of your one and only life is a terrible thing to waste. Typically at the beginning of the year people take stock. What do you want this year that’s...

End of the Decade Holiday Wishes

Yes, it’s the last few days of this decade. Where did all the time go? Think back over the last year and the last 10 years to celebrate how you’ve grown and how you’ve made a difference to others. Run a business? Given people a salary that has allowed them to thrive?...

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