How Our Coaching Process Works

Step 1


We listen deeply to connect, to empathize, to what you say, how you say it, to what you don’t say. We respect you, honor your ability to create and discover, and never, ever judge you.

Step 2


We ask you questions because we want you to discover for yourself so you own your own progress. It’s integral to the growth process.

Step 3


You’ll be presented with materials and questions that will unearth your subconscious belief systems that are creating blind spots and blocking you from achieving your goals. Some of the values you learned as a young person may not be serving you today. Yet they are still controlling your actions.

Step 4


You choose to maintain an old belief system or to replace it with a new belief system. You choose what will serve you best in the future as an adult in your current and future roles. We pose the hard questions. You choose and you commit.

Step 5


Your choice and your new potential is only actualized when action is taken. It’s hard. You’re acting outside your comfort zone. We’re here to support you every step of the way. We help you focus on accomplishing your goals and being in alignment with what you’ve chosen. We keep you honest.

Step 6


Do you get it right the first time? No, if you’re human, you trip and fall back in old ways of thinking and behaving occasionally. It’s all part of the learning process. We hold you accountable for making progress. It gets continually easier. You’re starting to see real results.

Step 7


Your new behaviors are now being reinforced by your environment and they’re a habit now. You’re seeing exponential results. Are you ready for the next challenge?

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About Jeri Quinn, President of Driving Improved Results

I’ve been where you’re at. I’ve started 5 companies and I’m still running two of them. I know it can be overwhelming. I’ve experienced these 10 traps and gotten past them. And I’ve developed tools and methods to help you get past them, too, whether you’re a founder or an emerging leader.

I’ve got 40 + years of experience working in or with 40 different industries. I’ve grown companies to multi-state, multi-million dollar businesses and sold them. I cut my teeth working in customer service jobs, found my passion in education and psychology, discovered I had a talent for starting and growing businesses, and brought all that together since 2006 in a coaching/consulting business. More recently I’ve become enamored with communications and brain neurology. I guess I’m averse to standing still.

Currently I like to build national, global and local alliances and partnerships. I collaborate with other coaches/consultants to service clients, to co-create innovation, and to discover better ways to deliver value.

I’ve also created a world-wide peace initiative called Creating Connection focused on helping people have conversations with people with whom they disagree.

What I’m proudest of is how my family has turned out. I guess I got it right by prioritizing raising 3 great kids to be happy, productive, healthy adult contributors to the world. And being married over 40 years. All while being a serial entrepreneur.  No easy feat.

New York Coaching Collaborative

Jeri is one of the founders of the New York Coaching Collaborative, an alliance of coach/consultants who support each other and take on large engagements together. Other members of the New York Coaching Collaborative are presented below:

Ebbe Skovdale

Ebbe Skovdale


Leadership, coaching, facilitation Versatile executive coach and facilitator with 25+ years of strong executive experience as leader, manager, change agent, trouble-shooter and problem solver. Specializes in leadership development for teams and individuals, talent development, process improvement and innovation, sales, change and transition management.

Sandy Mitchell

Sandy Mitchell


Certified Executive and Business Coach Sandy’s primary areas of expertise are in leadership development; communication; management and supervisory skills development; needs assessment; strategy, planning and goal setting; creative problem-solving; organizational development and the development of client/customer loyalty.

Ellen Bayer

Ellen Bayer

Framing Change

Nonprofit leadership coaching Coming Soon

William Ruggles

William Ruggles


Versatile innovative practitioner, trainer, coach, and authorA dynamic and high-energy presence that creates an environment that is conducive for learning, team-building, and continuous performance improvement focused on the “8 P’s” of organizations: processes, projects, programs, products, portfolios, people, preparedness, and purpose.

Our Vision

To empower small/midsize business around the globe as a grass roots foundation for peace and happiness

Small/midsize businesses employ more people and generate more revenue globally  than large businesses. That’s where the biggest opportunity is to increase the standard of living for everyone creating a better environment for peace and happiness to expand.  

My vision is to empower those who want to have businesses to grow them well and to provide reliable income and empowerment for those they employ.

Our Values

We expect these values in ourselves, our clients, our partners, our vendors. This is the ecosystem we play in.

  • Integrity, HonestyYou can expect us to keep our word, be reliable, honor our time commitments. We want you to hold us to account. A big part of our process of coaching you is to hold you to account as well.
  • Wow Customer ExperienceWhether we’re modeling for you or coaching you, we want you to get how important it is to make your customers (internal and external) feel important and special.
  • Respect for DiscoveryWhen you discover it, you own it. Plus, you’re proud of yourself for having mastered it yourself. You’re that much more psyched to discover and master more. Our goal is that you get better at coaching yourself.
  • Be the ChangeIf we want YOU to grow, be empowered, and have more peace and happiness, then we have to embody those qualities ourselves. If you want change in your organization, you have to embody that change before you can expect others to.
  • Life Long LearningWe love to learn. It’s exciting, stimulating and self-actualizing. We love to work with people who also love to keep learning and improving.

Our Partners

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