The Daily Scramble, Dealing with Change

The Manager as Coach, Impact on Profitability

Have you ever been in this conversation as either the boss or the employee? Boss: Jane, your team’s work assignment was due yesterday. Jane: I know. I’m stuck. There are so many decisions to be made and I didn’t know what to do. Boss: Jane, I’m really disappointed. I’m going to give the assignment to someone else. I don’t appreciate that you let it go to the last minute. It’s obvious that you can’t be trusted with this kind of work.

Drama Kings, Drama Queens. Are they Resilient?

Yes, there are inevitable things in our lives that cause pain. It’s how we react to them that makes the difference. We can make up victim stories and increase our stress and go down a deep hole of suffering. Or we can look at things objectively and say, It happened in the past. There’s nothing that can ‘unring the bell.’ Who will I be? What can I do to move forward?

Resilience – A Necessary Skill for Business Owners

How does your business bounce back from disappointments and/or betrayals? You’re invited to a meeting, the spotlight topic is ‘Trust, Risk, Betrayal and Resilience’. Where does resilience come from? How can you build more resilience to shake off the disappointments and betrayals in your life and business? Everyone will receive a free gift that has the potential to shake your world.

Sharing 20 Travel Tips From My Trip

When you travel you see such amazing things like this view from the top of a mountain near Christchurch New Zealand. I hope your trips are over the top exhilarating. These tips might help to keep you safe and to increase your fun.

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