The Daily Scramble

Check Out This Thanksgiving Video

Enjoy this joyful and heart warming video of a mother thanking those who saved her son’s life 10 years ago. No need to wait til Thanksgiving Day.  Happy Thanksgiving every day!   [youtube...

Thanksgiving Every Day?

Tom, a business manager, told me. “I don’t have to thank my employees. They’re doing their jobs. That’s what they’re paid to do. I’ll thank and praise them when they do something extra.” Me: “Do you like to be praised? Do you like to be thanked?” Tom: “Sure, but only...

Check Out This Dance and Light Show

I love dance. I’ve been a dancer since my teenage years, doing modern, tap, jazz, ballet and now ballroom. This modern dance number reminds me that we have an effect on everyone near us. Our energy ripples out and impacts much more than we realize (example: your...

Get off your ‘But’

“I liked everything you did on the project, but…” “You put in a lot of effort, but…” “I did everything you asked. But …” ‘But’ is a set up for negativity. It’s telling the listener that ‘the other shoe is about to drop’. It’s letting judgment come into the picture so...

Counting to 20

I have a pool at my house in PA, just beyond the Poconos. Now that the summer is winding down  the temp is in the 80’s during the day and the 60’s at night. That means the pool water is cooling down. Ohh! Pretty chilly when I’m getting in to swim my laps. I like to be...

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