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One of my hoped-for outcomes from this trip and from developing a ‘travelling while working’ lifestyle is to cut out the unproductive activities that I’ve been doing to make my business function. If I don’t need them while traveling, why do I need them when I’m not traveling? But it’s so easy to fall into old habits.

Now that I’m back, I’m trying to be very careful about slipping back into my old habits of working too long, doing unproductive things, not honoring my evenings and weekends, being too much of a perfectionist, not delegating enough, and the list goes on.

Our brains like short cuts. They form six lane highways of neural pathways that develop because we do the same things over and over. This helps us become more efficient and we don’t have to think things through every single time. However, we can get caught up in habits that no longer serve us. Then it takes some effort and intention to stop doing certain things and do other things instead. (forming new six lane highways)

So I’ve set up a decision tree. Before I do anything, I ask myself, ‘Would I be doing this if I were travelling?’ If the answer is yes, I put it on my ‘Continue’ list. If it’s no, then I ask myself, do I absolutely have to do it between trips when I’m back in NYC, if the answer is yes, then I add it to the ‘Only in NYC’ list. If the answer is no, then I abandon the activity and look to replace it with something I choose, or delegate it to someone on my team.

What is your method for getting past habits that used to serve you that are just time wasters now?

Want to talk about it? Please set up a time using this app. I adopted it while traveling and it’s helping me use my time more efficiently even when I’m in NYC.

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