Financial Services Manager Intentionally Makes Himself Promotable

Financial Services Manager Intentionally Makes Himself Promotable


The client is a young midlevel manager in a 250-person financial services firm. He was in charge of a small group. In addition to his salary, he could earn commissions on sales to client referrals. He wanted to prepare himself for promotion and additional responsibility.


He aimed to become a standout leader running a well-oiled team, and to increase his income. He needed to be more proactive about time management and people management skills. To get referrals, he had to learn how to WOW his clients. To do that, he had to develop customer loyalty skills and emotional intelligence.


During our coaching sessions, we assessed and discussed his patterns in self-leadership. He applied what he learned doing self-leadership exercises, activities and fieldwork to the leadership of his team. One of the turning points of our work together was examining the ways he was stuck in self-limiting patterns and thinking small. Once we addressed that, greater self-confidence and “big picture thinking” followed naturally. This positioned him for the next level of responsibility.

We worked on how he could build up his referral sales and develop his own professional network. That took us to in-depth examination of what drives internal and external client loyalty, developing customer loyalty and communication capability. Next, we addressed strategic thinking, decision making, and his use of time. A very important topic of discussion—about the “buttons” others push that make him less effective—helped to free him from reactive behavior.


Since we worked together, this client has had the following results:

  • He’s doubled the percentage of sales growth in his department and is being trusted with higher level clients. He’s become the “right hand person” to the CEO. His management and leadership capabilities are having ripple effects throughout the rest of the company.
  • He received a promotion within 4 weeks of our working together, and a second promotion within the same year. The staff under his management has tripled. He is now surer of his purpose and is building a professional network.
  • He developed productivity reporting in his department and a training program for his staff. He delegates more work to them and reserves more of his own time for growing new referral sales.
  • He hit his personal monetary goals consistently and easily after the first 6 months of coaching.
  • He uses his emotionally intelligent coaching skills with his staff and with outsourced vendors. He’s improved their working relationships and productivity. He has learned how to stay emotionally cool in situations. The whole department now works as a team to meet deadlines with less stress.

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