Creative Services—From Barely Making It To A Flourishing Business

Creative Services—From Barely Making It To A Flourishing Business


The client owns a video production company. The company targets non-profit organizations that have messages to deliver to the world. Video is their means to spread those messages and raise funds.


The owner is a talented video editor with plenty of credits from major studios. However, once she launched her own business she was having a hard time landing engagements. She had never had any sales or business education. She came to me when she had a large opportunity to videotape 300 non-profit leaders for an official shoot at an industry conference. She saw each person as an opportunity for additional paid work. This was something she wanted to leverage.


Together, we worked through a coaching program focused on marketing, sales and leadership. During her sessions, we examined how to structure sales conversation to increase her close ratio. She learned a way to sell that was effective and aligned with her values. That set the stage for being effective in landing many new engagements. We developed estimate templates that ensured her profitability.

We clarified her marketing message, differentiating her in the market. Then, we developed a business plan that kept her business focused. As her staff grew, we coached them on time management, communication skills, and customer loyalty.


  • She’s expanded her company’s revenues 500% in the non-profit sector in spite of a lackluster economy. She attracted a consistent stream of new business. She formed connections with joint venture partners and others who refer new clients.
  • Her company now has offices on both coasts, one in New York, the other in San Francisco.
  • Her production teams do video shoots all over the country for well-known and not-so-well known agencies.
  • She has expanded her team. Her company has been able to attract top quality producers, editors, camera people and other talent.

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