Moving and Storage Company Owner Does “What It Takes”

Moving and Storage Company Owner Does “What It Takes”


The client is the owner of a commercial and residential moving and storage company. There are about 15 employees, and the business had been doing comfortably well for more than 30 years. You can check them out here to know about the accountant behind the successfully running of this firm. But, all these years, he’d never had to put much effort into the area of marketing or self-promotion.


With the 2008 downturn in the economy, the business was really suffering. The owner did not have a sense of how, when or where to do proactive marketing as he doesn’t know about how to power up your gmb listing. He needed to systematize or delegate many activities. He struggled to manage his time and to get everything done. In addition, when he wanted to take time off, the business literally stopped. He was stuck and his debt was mounting.


Working together, we defined the unique value that his company provided. We set up a marketing plan, and he followed it, increasing his networking and forming relationships with referral sources. He invested in CRM (customer relationship management) software. This meant that he and his office person could track new leads and provide better service.

Together, we started measuring the Return On Investment from his marketing. He reduced costs by eliminating things that weren’t working. We trained him and his staff on our goal planning and achievement methodology. They used this knowledge to generate more passive income. We learned how to more fully delegate so the business could run independently of his presence. Recently, we coached others in the business to be more effective in their sales and management roles.


  • In 2009, his business revenues grew 34% in a year when many other moving companies were taking a big hit. Revenues have continued to climb during 2010-2012.
  • He has been able to pay down substantial amounts of debt, while growing his business. He’s attracted and hired new workers, invested in a new truck, and increased his storage business.
  • His pipeline is consistently full of new business. His marketing works and his networking partners provide referrals The CRM-based follow-up processes stimulate referrals from happy customers, keeping the revenue flowing.
  • He takes much-needed vacations and worry-free trips to visit his growing number of grandchildren. He relaxes, comfortable that the staff can track every lead. He doesn’t worry about sales being made and jobs getting done.

Where To Next?

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