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This free report (in easy read story format) explains 12 ways employees increase costs and restrict revenue growth.

You’ll learn 7 things you as a business owner can do to reverse this situation yielding great client experiences, efficiency, less staff turnover and more client loyalty.

The included financial template will help you calculate just how much money you could potentially add to your bottom line.

Download this report to learn about

  • the 12 employee problems,
  • the 7 profit boosting strategies
  • get the financial ROI template that shows how much money you’re leaving on the table

Nine reasons why you want to read this report

1. It will give you pointers to boost your bottom line.

I haven’t met anyone yet who said they were making enough profit and didn’t want any more.

2. It will give you ideas on how to be a better leader.

I haven’t met anyone yet either who said ‘I’m as good as I’m going to get and I have no aspirations to lift myself any higher.

3. You’ll make a difference in the lives of your employees and their families.

Who doesn’t want to find more meaning in life or make a difference to other people in one way or another? You see those people all the time. There must be some spark of caring somewhere in your depths.

4. You want to see the financial ROI template because you hate leaving money on the table.

I hate seeing it blow out the window as well. Spending money (salaries) on value I’m not receiving is not my idea of a good way to run a business. I doubt if it’s yours either.

5. You want to see if any of your employees or departments show up in this report with their names changed.

We all have people in our organizations that aren’t particularly productive. You’re wondering if all businesses have some of the same issues that you have.

6. It’s lonely at the top.

When you’re the top person, you’re not sure who to confide in. So reading some of your own thoughts in someone else’s report is very validating.

7. You’ve always sensed something is missing and you’re searching for it.

Will this report give you the missing piece that will take you to the next level? It just might. Mastering the employee thing is a jump off point for everything else. Using a house metaphor – a strong foundation is necessary to support all the floors you build on top. Otherwise, when you add new floors (new markets, new products), it all caves in on itself. A well led committed team is central to anything else you want to achieve.

8. You heard about me from a colleague or from an article and you want to see what I’m up to.

This report presents a framework for engaging your employees so they can help you grow a better more profitable business. All my offerings are about helping you make that happen. My secret sauce is in this free report. That should whet your appetite.

9. You like stories but you like numbers better. This fable is an easy read conversation between me and a guy struggling with a business he just inherited.

We hit a lot of points that make sense. Then the ROI financial template captures the numbers around the concepts. Do you like numbers and common sense? Then you’ll like this report with or without the easy-read fable.


Bonus for Those Who Read, “7 Ways to Boost Profits by Boosting Employee Performance, The Fable

Here’s what one reader had to say about the Explanation:

“I learned a lot of things from this report. The well explained points made so much sense. The text boxes on each page with examples/quotes etc worked really well. I tended to read them first, and they served to highlight interesting ideas that made me want to read the page, so I was pulled along. I would highly recommend reading it because it explained what I needed to know after reading the first report, the Fable. The second report really gets into the nitty gritty.”

At the end of the report you will automatically receive a link to our second report, 7 Ways to Boost Profits by Boosting Employee Performance, The Explanation.

The Explanation report has:

  • 3 activities you can do with your staff
  • 4 examples from companies who practice these seven strategies
  • 4 resources you can go to for more information
  • 5 short stories to demonstrate the strategies
  • 5 excuses why these strategies don’t get implemented

If you think the Fable report makes a lot of sense, then the Explanation report is provided right away to give you immediate access to more information. No searching around my website needed. I’m all for convenience and ease.

Thank you. I will reply within 24 hours, unless this is a weekend or a US holiday.