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Customer Service Experience Workshop

How to Make Your Company Known for Exemplary Customer Service

New York Business Coach, Customer Service, Business Consulting FirmWhat if customers just loved your company and all your employees so much that they wouldn’t think about going anywhere else? How would that impact your business? How many customers or clients do you lose and what is each one worth over the potential life span of that customer’s business? Research has shown that increasing customer loyalty by just 5% can grow your profit from 25% to 100%. And the cost to get a new client is 5-8 times the cost of retaining an existing client.

How do you like to be treated when you go into a store or restaurant where you make purchases? Does it make a difference that the person smiles, makes eye contact, remembers your name, goes out of his way to ‘Wow’ you? The value is in the personal connection because we’re all human and like to feel special.

Do your people consistently build that experience for your customers or are they giving an opening to a competitor? Is exemplary service a recognized part of your brand that gets you referrals and word of mouth that your competitors envy? Or is your competitor taking your clients because they are making the customer experience better than you are?

Do your staff feel it’s their mission and purpose to really connect with each customer/client and actively create a positive experience? Do they know how to give a client a WOW experience? Are they free to use their ideas or are they shackled by rules, processes and micro-management? Are they engaged enough to want to continue working for you? Or do you have a staff retention problem?

What Does Offering Great Client Customer Service Do For Your Business?

Organizations like Zappos, Southwest Airlines and Ritz Carleton build competitive advantage and robust bottom lines from developing a customer centric culture that empowers employees, puts customers first, distributes leadership and listens. In fact in this fast changing world where products, services, delivery methods and intellectual property can be copied easily, your competitive advantage will come from the customer experience delivered by you and your staff.

Zappos credits its rapid growth and profitable sale to Amazon to its obsessive focus on serving customers. It grew from $0 to $1 billion in annual sales in 9 years and was sold to Amazon for $1.2 billion dollars.

The Disney experience is known around the world because it is carefully orchestrated to make the visitors’ experience extraordinary. A great deal of planning is used to prevent details from going wrong. Service recovery is laid out ahead of time so everyone knows just what to do when something does go wrong. The planning makes your company run by design instead of by default.

The company’s growth is enhanced because you now value those who talk to customers the most creating a feedback loop. When emphasis is put on customers, the people on your staff that touch the customers become very important. Their valuable information is now more formally welcomed and leveraged by the company to enhance its growth.

Customer centric companies make it fun for the customers and for the staff. What good is competitive advantage, profitability, a wealthy exit strategy, and recognition if you and your staff are not enjoying your time at work.

What is the Customer Service Experience Workshop?

How to Make Your Company Known for Exemplary Customer Service

This half day or full day workshop leads your executives and customer-facing staff through an interactive, multi-media experience where participants explore what exemplary customer service is and how to grow it in your own company. In the workshop participants will learn and explore:

  • The benefits of an enhanced customer service experience and customer loyalty both to the company and to the employees. If your whole organization and everyone in it really knew what you each had to gain, would you all be willing to move the needle?
  • What does exemplary service look like in many different kinds of companies? We’ve all seen world class customer service, or have we?
  • The difference between customer service and customer loyalty. Includes definitions of terms such as point of connection, standards of service, service defects and service recovery.
  • Serving internal customers vs. external customers. It does become part of your culture when you think about both.
  • Committing to values and promises, and how that constitutes your brand, including recruiting and hiring the best at customer service
  • The importance of language and how it contributes to your brand The significance of listening, using nonverbal communication, face-to-face communication, using email and telephone service as a customer experience and as a branding tool.
  • The difference you can make using ARE, Appreciation, Recognition, Encouragement
  • The impact of developing a WOW! story inventory.
  • Dealing with complaints, creating service standards, recognizing service defects and creating service recovery

This is a workshop where participants:

Gabriel Viteri, New York Business Coach, Customer Service, Business Consulting Firm“Jeri’s customer service workshop has increased productivity in our customer service department by 10% and increased morale throughout the organization.” Gabriel Viteri, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Acme Smoked Fish

  • Pull from their own experiences,
  • Assess their skills,
  • See the underlying infrastructure that must be in place to support an exemplary customer experience,
  • Assess where the company is at to support such an effort,
  • Explore the company’s brand and how it is expressed by the actions of the customer-facing staff and the website,
  • Discuss how they compare themselves to the best and the worst customer experience providers
  • Share views on the strength of your company’s customer-centric culture

What are the specific benefits this workshop will offer my company?

The point of this workshop is to build awareness, clarity, motivation and the beginning of a plan.

You will understand the details behind the benefits of providing an exemplary customer experience:

  • Higher customer retention
  • Increased sales to existing customers (up-selling, cross-selling and repeat sales)
  • Increased sales to new customers (referrals, word-of-mouth, social media)
  • Higher profit
  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased competitive advantage and market share
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reduced business risk
  • Less affected by fluctuations in the economy or other environmental factors
  • More fun in the workplace
  • Increased sales price when selling the business

Your staff will be motivated and eager to create exemplary customer experiences, starting you on a cultural shift.

You’ll understand how to get started, the necessary changes to strategy and objectives you need to make, how to engage your people in making it happen

Your marketing staff will have clarity to pursue changes in brand promises and value and how that is communicated.

Your staff will understand why they need to be more precise around language and service standards. They will be more motivated to create and implement service standards, service recovery processes, customized language, personal action plans, functional group plans.

You will have greater clarity on the infrastructure, tools and training needed to upgrade your customer-facing staff.

There will be a shared sense of being on the same page, sharing the vocabulary and working in the same direction, including new/increasing awareness of internal customers and how improving all relationships contributes to your culture.

You will have the first few entries in your ‘WOW!’ story inventory. We’ll get it started in our workshop and you’ll decide how it will be expanded, implemented and used.

You’ll learn a few customer service basics like how to handle a complaint, using NEAT, creating and analyzing a customer experience cycle.

If you’ve already read enough and you want to explore the possibility of conducting this workshop at your company, please click below to request a no-commitment Executive Strategy Session.

New York Business Coach, Customer Service, Business Consulting Firm

Structure of the Customer Service Workshop

The workshop is a half day to full day interactive multi-media learning experience. Participants (up to 30 people) should include C-Suite executives as well as managers and staff in the customer service and sales departments. Ideally to create a customer-centric organization, all staff who deal with customers and clients can be included. The workshop is held at your facility or in an off-site rented space of your choice.

Content is customized to your specific organization. Each participant receives a customized workbook which can act as a customer service primer after the workshop. The workshop covers many topics and most clients feel it gives great motivation and a good overview for future planning and execution of the company’s strategic objectives.

In the full day version of the workshop more time is given to work on specific goals and exercises with facilitator feedback. In the half day version content will be eliminated in accordance with the needs of the organization. To some extent the choice of full day vs. half day is predicated on the number of people in the group, as discussion and interactivity are key components of the learning. The workshop includes a working lunch so the company is encouraged to bring lunch in for the group.

What Do People Say About the Results They Got From the Workshop?

Participant Comments

I became aware that full utilization of our people’s skills will only be realized with a culture change at our company. Our current format is not necessarily setup for ‘world class’ customer service to increase profit.

My organization will benefit from incorporating service recovery in daily transactions and reworking. Also, what we did around empowerment and validation is powerful.

I was reluctant before the event but my eyes and mind are now wide open. Happy I selected you above the other candidate we were considering.

This workshop has helped us get on the same page and helped us develop a consistent message and policy.

Created awareness of the different roles we all have and the benefits of working together in unison.

Informative and well organized

What I found most useful: the impact of keeping a customer long term versus getting a new one.

It was great to work with my coworkers and learn from their input on different subjects.

I learned how to ‘Wow’ a customer and provide better customer relations

Very informative, new material, well presented

Well done, Jeri! I appreciate this opportunity and am thankful that my company is providing this type of training.

I learned that listening and being attentive to customers’ needs can increase sales and create more satisfied customers.

What I found most useful were the number of ways we can separate ourselves from the pack.

Is The Client Experience Workshop A Good Fit For Where You Want to Take Your Organization?

Are you ready …?

  • To see your gross income increase dramatically?
  • To increase the number of repeat sales to existing clients?
  • To have word of mouth spread good stories about your company so you attract many new customers?
  • To realize lower costs and higher profit margins?
  • To see your cash flow increase and become more stable because your loyal client base is more stable?
  • To see employee turnover decrease?
  • To have more fun and see your employees enjoying their work?
  • To see your company value increase because of the internal culture and the loyal clients?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, The Client Experience Workshop is right for your company.

It’s Easy To Get Started

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I invite you to a complimentary strategy session. This is a no-obligation way to find out more about the workshop and whether it’s a good fit for your company.

In this session we will explore your unique situation, what kind of results you would like to create and whether this program may be of help or not. We’ll also discuss your challenges and what steps you need to take to ensure your success. I’ll answer any questions you might have about The Client Experience Workshop and we’ll see if it’s the right next step for you at this time.

If not, I will make other suggestions about routes to pursue. Whatever the outcome, you will leave the conversation with more clarity and enthusiasm about what’s possible.

The conversation will take 60-90 minutes and can be done in person, by phone, or Skype. Click on the button below and complete the contact form. I will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours.

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New York Business Coach, Customer Service, Business Consulting Firm

New York Business Coach, Customer Service, Business Consulting Firm

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