Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Growth Program

Do you want your employees to help you bring more to the bottom line?

Real bottom line results are measurable.

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They show up in the financial statements. They show up in your banks accounts. They also show up in how well you sleep every night and the smiles on your people’s faces. Results are felt when you assess how many times you get out of bed in the morning and you look forward to all the wonderful things that day might bring. Results are expressed by your clients who give you referrals and renew their contracts at higher levels. Results can be measured in the amount of discretionary time you make and the worry-free vacations you take.

Business owners know that if their companies are going to grow beyond the beginning entrepreneur stage into a business that produces all those results at high levels, they have to leverage other people’s time (OPT) and other people’s energy, enthusiasm and engagement (OPE3).  That’s the tricky part. How do you do that?

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky  A leader develops the skills for the level where he/she aspires to. At the next level of business more emotional intelligence (people skills) is needed to elicit the best from everyone because they want to give it! More process improvement and systemization (task skills) are required. Big picture thinking comes into play and limiting habits are replaced.

The Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program partners with leaders and their staff to drive bottom line results. This partnership builds a self-sustaining organization that has leaders who know how to elicit OPT and OPE3, and employees who want to be engaged and empowered to drive bottom line results.

Are you experiencing these issue in your business?

Tyrone Turner Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business Coach“Jeri Quinn is the go-to-person to make your organization operate at an optimum level. Her concepts and teaching style are very interactive and she has a knack for making the complex simple. She really breaks things down to the lowest common denominator. I highly recommend Jeri Quinn and her wonderful organization, Driving Improved Results.” — Tyrone Turner, Entrepreneur

You are itching to get to the next level of business growth. You know you and your company have more potential. There’s more market to be had, you just need to visit this resource to learn more. You want more income. You want to be a bigger player in your industry. But you feel stuck because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get ahead. You see some of your peers progressing. You wonder what they know that you are missing.

You would like your employees to want to help you grow the business. You want them to care about the quality of their own work. You want them to show more initiative to take care of clients, reduce costs, create more efficient work processes. You want them to be so motivated that they think proactively in the work they do. You want them to carry more of the load so you can grow the business.

There’s a lot of dysfunction going on in your company. Things like client follow-up slip through the cracks. Perhaps, no one’s asking for referrals. Communication between individuals and departments leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes there’s jealousy, petty squabbles and a lack of teamwork. Projects are often not completed on time or go over budget. Managers often don’t know how to coach, delegate or hold their people accountable. And if you have a family business, sometimes family drama gets in the way.

What you’d rather have in your company:

A robust bottom line and ample amounts of cash. You want loyal clients who give you repeat business and referrals because they love the work your people do. You want more market share for the company and more income for yourself. What you value even more is the discretionary time you can spend with your family. You want worry-free vacations where you know everything is being taken care of in your absence.

A team of people who care about clients and taking care of each and every one, a team that creates raving fans because of the quality of their work and the quality of the personal connections they make with clients. They take initiative to make changes when things don’t work. They put out the occasional fires that come up. But mostly they prevent fires because they proactively think ahead. They care about the success of the company as well as their own individual successes. You also want to see each person grow into his or her full potential.

A company that runs smoothly and efficiently, where managers manage, teams complete their projects on time and on budget, diversity of opinion is welcomed, people take responsibility, everyone is accountable for their own work and people care about each other. Systems and processes are in place and are continuously updated. Clients are always supported and good communication is valued and has become the norm. Wouldn’t it be fun to come to work everyday to this kind of environment?

Is all that really possible?

The Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program is specially designed to create a business environment that makes this all possible.

Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachAn organization is made up of individuals. For long lasting change to take place, individuals need to change and the culture needs to change. Our program works with individuals and small groups starting at the top and creates a tipping point as the culture shifts. As top leaders and then layers of management go through the immersion program and learn how to lead at a different level, the organization becomes more strategic and goal driven.

As more and more staff at all levels participate in emotional intelligence and self-leadership awareness, each person’s and each team’s attitudes shift. There’s a new expectation of behavior that emerges and sets the tone for caring, mastery, engagement, and responsibility. Those who are most resistant get caught up in the new culture. Most make the choice to join in.  A couple may leave.

We all function on automatic, doing what we’ve always done because it worked in the past. Those behaviors, with the values and beliefs that underlie them, keep us functioning at the same level. It’s when we examine the values and beliefs, that we can decide which ones continue to serve us and which ones block our movement to the next level. When we choose differently, then we must practice and create new habits and neural pathways to make the behaviors into the new normal. This leads to extraordinary performance results.

The Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program is a 12 month program that builds long term results-driven behavior into organizations with help from business plan writers. It focuses on individual and cultural shifts and then making new behaviors into habits that yield results at a whole new level.

What makes this program unique?

Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business Coach“Jeri took 5 independent salesmen going in different directions and got them to come together as far as goals, technique and tracking results. It changed the sales culture in our organization.  And started conversations and shared sales initiatives that have added revenue right to our bottom line.” Robert S. Sanchez, President, United Print Group

This a long term program designed to provide more than just training. Most programs offered to small businesses are short term training courses.Participants return to their desks which are laden with piles of work that didn’t get done while they were out. The learning doesn’t stick. Nothing led them to implement what they learned. It didn’t create a shift in their thinking nor in their habits.

People are influenced by their environments. Individuals have a hard time changing when others around them expect them to be the way they always were.  This program recognizes that and works with the whole environment as well as the individuals in it. Individuals are encouraged to make personal changes from their growing self-leadership. The whole company culture becomes a culture of professional growth.

The facilitator interweaves various modalities seamlessly to help clients achieve their ultimate goals, making the coaching sessions insightful, fun and engaging. These include neural plasticity (the ability of the brain to change), neural linguistic programming (the role of verbal and non-verbal communication to change state), physiology and kinesiology (cell level intelligence), appreciative inquiry (group dynamic methodology), transactional analysis (the roles people play in their interactions), educational psychology (how people learn), dance/movement/theater and many other disciplines to enhance the individual and group coaching.

Each engagement is customized to the individuals and the group culture in your organization. Each step of the process is tailored to the needs of your situation, personalities, business objectives, stage of business development, industry, educational back ground, and cultural heritage. Individual and group assessments and interviews are used early in the process to understand what would be most effective.

Other benefits include:

Employee retention and productivity. People love when you invest in them. It stirs them to be loyal and put all their energy and enthusiasm into their work. When employees leave and take their knowledge of your business and customers with them, it costs you 2-3 times their salary just to replace them, we work with Soda PDF It’s designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, offering a complete PDF application you can take with you wherever you go. On the other hand when they are engaged, their productivity soars. Some studies report by as much as 32%

Customer/client loyalty. Loyal customers give you repeat business with negligible customer acquisition costs. It costs 5-8 times more to take on a new customer than do a repeat sale to an existing customer. Loyal customers pay you more regularly giving you a more predictable cash flow. They are more forgiving when mistakes happen. It’s been calculated that a 5% increase in customer loyalty translates into a growth of net profit of 25% to 100% depending on the industry. Loyal customers are like an annuity that keeps on giving.

Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachAs a part of our action planning we work on departmental and cross departmental projects yielding concrete immediately-usable plans for things such as an improved sales process, innovative products, client feedback system, reduced processing costs, new target markets or new vendors, or whatever you choose.

You learn what your clients won’t tell you. Through interviews the facilitator ascertains what your clients really think and we use that as input to grow the company in ways that will really be appreciated by your existing and new customers.

Your market share and your options expand. Your new culture of leadership and mastery of the client experience becomes a competitive advantage. From there your opportunities expand to possibly acquire other companies (like Sir Richard Banson), be purchased for a high price (like Zappos), use it as a self-running cash cow to start a new business (like Warren Buffet), etc. You have time and resources to plan these strategic moves.

You spend more time with your family, pursue hobbies and take worry-free vacations. With self-leaders as employees, managers who support them and processes in place to handle all the day-to-day activities you can take ‘think’ days to plan strategy. You can have a personal life and know that everything will run well without you.

You can develop your personal legacy of seeing your employees develop their potential, seeing their families flourish because their breadwinners are growing in their careers, having time to give back, to mentor others, to be involved in your community.

How does this program work?

Nance L. Schick Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business Coach“In the past eight months, the number one benefit I have gained from our relationship is clarity. I am clear that I create the culture of my business, whether it generates a lot of income or a little, and how it does so. I have identified several self-imposed obstacles and removed them.” –Nance L. Schick, Schick Law Studio

In this 12 month program we partner with you to develop your executive leaders, managers, sales team, service fulfillment team and others. Each person is involved in 4-10 weeks of group leadership development.

We help the executive team develop and communicate your vision, values and company objectives. We help you cascade those objectives through the whole company so everyone is pulling in the same direction. We teach everyone a goal achievement methodology that incorporates the goals that roll up to the company objectives.

We work with managers who learn how to coach their direct reports around performance, implementing the goal achievement methodology. We observe, monitor and coach them on enhancing the personal connection necessary to be a good manager.

We do a mix of assessments at different stages of the process. One is a group anonymous assessment to see your cultural starting point. We also conduct individual assessments on personal decision making attributes, behavioral styles, communication patterns, personal motivators, etc. We use these to understand and appreciate individual differences, build teams, foster communication, hire new employees and make sure people are well positioned to use their strengths.

We interview 5 of your best clients asking them how you can improve your services to them. We compile this report and present it to you so we can be sure that our work will have the desired client impact.

We provide content immersion to grow understanding of concepts and actions in leadership, motivation, supervision, communication, decision making, customer loyalty measurement, time management, sales leadership, systems, self-esteem, confidence, learning, teams, delegation, choices, stress, and many other topics. Each one ends in determining what action you can take to apply the new knowledge. Small group coaching sessions guarantee self-related discovery, application, follow-up and feedback.

Individual coaching is provided for executives and managers.  For the organization to achieve a new level, these individuals must have great clarity, discover how to best use their strengths, realize the consequences of their actions and inactions, rely on each other to cover each other’s blind spots, walk the talk and lead by example,

Each coaching group selects a project that pushes the organization ahead in either making money, saving money, or saving time. It will most likely be related to their department and inline with the company objectives. As groups accomplish their projects, the momentum of the organization swings into high gear. Each group’s graduation consists of a project presentation and a celebration of what the group has learned and what they have provided for the company. Often the results of the first couple of projects result in covering the costs of the Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program.

We schedule monthly meetings with the executive team to assess progress with the Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program. We evaluate what’s occurred and decide on next steps.

Program Bonuses

Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachAs your partner in this process we become part of your team. We make ourselves available for specific company or departmental meetings where we listen in and pick up areas for improvement. We attend program rollouts and company celebrations to support the enthusiasm.

We constantly suggest additional books, articles and websites that enhance professional development and strategic thinking.

In this process we often find candidates that can become part of a succession plan. We can schedule additional meetings to address this as needed.

We can provide resources for many services your company might need or you might need personally. Our virtual rolodex is open to you.

We are open to using technology for conducting group and individual meetings for those that work virtually.

We want our clients to be wildly successful. To that end we are constantly looking for connections to potential clients for you.

Is The Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program right for your company?

It is if you can answer yes to all or most of these questions?

  • Do you want to see your business grow to the next level?
  • Do you realize your employees’ engagement is your ‘hidden asset’?
  • Do you want to proactively grow your culture and engage your people to care more, perform better and engage clients?
  • Do you want more time for strategizing, being with your family, taking worry free vacations?
  • Do you want to see projects accomplished that immediately provide return on your investment in this program?
  • Do you want to see processes and systems enhanced so nothing falls through the cracks?
  • Do you want to see your company’s competitive advantage, market share and exit/growth options expand?
  • Are you willing to invest your organization’s time and resources in developing your employees and creating a high performance culture that makes these results possible?

If you answered yes, I invite you to a complimentary strategy session. This is a no-obligation way to find out more about the program and whether it’s right for you and your company.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Kirsten Giardi Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business Coach“I found the program very productive. I learned a lot of good skills and strategies that I can use with both my staff and supervisors. We had some very interesting conversation throughout the program.  Kirsten Giardi, Senior Vice President, Goodwill NYNJ

Let’s Set Up an Executive Strategy Session to Explore Your Needs

I invite you to a complimentary strategy session. This is a no-obligation way to find out more about the program and whether it’s a good fit for you.

In this session we will explore your unique situation, what kind of results you would like to create and whether this program may be of help or not. We’ll also discuss your challenges and what steps you need to take to ensure your success. I’ll answer any questions you might have about ‘Engaging Employees to Drive Results™ Business Builder Program’ and we’ll see if it’s the right next step for you at this time.

If not, I will make other suggestions about routes to pursue. Whatever the outcome, you will leave the conversation with more clarity and enthusiasm about what’s possible.

The conversation will take 60-90 minutes and can be done in person, by phone, or Skype. Click on the button below and complete the contact form. I will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours.

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