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Jeri Quinn, CBC, President

jeri-teal-croppedJeri is the founder of Driving IR (Improved Results). She has created, managed and sold small businesses for over 35 years, 25 of which she was at the helm of her own businesses. During this time she’s developed knowledge of over 30 industries, especially in the areas of technology, transportation and logistics, commercial real estate and non-profits. Her passion is to help people and organizations expand their potential, empower their employees and communities, and develop bottom line results. Her background as an educator and as a creative arts therapist along with her business experience has led to success in working with both organizations and individuals to see themselves in new ways. She has been a speaker at the NY Business Expo at the Javits Center, featured on a variety of radio and TV shows, and has authored a number of articles. She uses metaphors such as the Dance of Business™ and the Dancing/Driving Duality™ to reinforce concepts and engage audiences. Jeri currently has a New York City based executive coaching and management consulting practice, which helps companies and executives achieve their goals on a regular and consistent basis. She is a certified facilitator for the Kauffman Foundation which trains entrepreneurs in business skills. She has received certificates in Advanced Business Coaching, Facilitation and in administering several cognitive, behavioral and motivational assessments from Resource Associates Corporation and Innermetrix. Jeri graduated from Lycoming College Magna Cum Laude, and received her Masters Degree from New York University. 

Manfred Gollent, CBC, Associate Facilitator

Manfred Gollent (CBC) is a Certified Business Coach, an Improvement Architect and Change Agent helping clients ranging from individual professionals to Fortune 500 organizations to improve results, expand their potential and reach their goals more consistently. In this capacity, Manfred facilitates Strategy Development, Productivity and Efficiency Development as well as Team Building and Organizational Development.

Prior to founding QLI International in spring of 2006, Manfred Gollent has been a turn-around executive in a Fortune 500 company with global operations for some 22 years. During Gollent’s tenure, his senior executive roles included facilitating strategy development and improvement processes for operations in the UK, Belgium, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and the USA. Gollent has extensive experience in all areas of management including marketing, sales, financial operations, product development and manufacturing. He served on company Boards in Norway, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and USA.

Gollent has a degree in Electrical Engineering and an Executive MBA from IMADEC University in Vienna, Austria (www.imadec.at). He is certified in training and marketing by ASI, a certified facilitator and affiliate of the Total Quality Institute, and is a certified affiliate and trainer of the Resource Associate Network. Lee Hecht Harrison (www.lhh.com), a leading global talent development company, contracts a part of Gollent’s coaching capacity as an executive coach for its C-level Executive clients.

Robyn Rickenbach, CBC, Associate Facilitator

Robyn Rickenbach is the President of Springboard International Inc.  She is an innovative, strategic thinker with proven success in executing critical business objectives, making teams successful and facilitating collaborative decision making and planning.  She has an intense focus on human capital improvement, learning and performance, and organizational development areas, with 20 years experience in a variety of market sectors and verticals. 

Robyn graduated from the College of William and Mary with a B.A. degree and also holds an M.B.A. from Golden Gate University.  She is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the D.C.-area Women in Technology (WIT) organization. Robyn is also a Certified Business Coach (CBC).

Robyn spent almost 15 years in the education sector, as both the Director of Admissions and the President of several career colleges, and in that time also headed self-study teams and implemented new academic programs.  She then moved into the corporate world of training and development and helped organizations such as DHL, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, and the National Association of College and University Business Officers create and deliver engaging blended learning programs for their audiences. Throughout her career, Robyn’s focus has been on developing individuals, teams, and business initiatives to their full potential and executing on critical business goals.

Nancy Taylor, Associate Facilitator

WizardWorks combines years of experience in the fields of coaching, facilitation and training with expertise in Leadership Development, Information Technology, Law Enforcement,  Human Capital Planning and Law. This combination of skills and knowledge enables our staff to understand your organization’s issues.

We work hands-on with individuals and/or teams to determine where there are underlying issues or concerns,  facilitate solutions for existing problems and develop and implement strategies to avoid future ones. Using results driven processes, we help individuals or organizations overcome obstacles to success and achieve greater results.

Our core competencies include:

  1. Knowledge of organizational structures in the Federal environment as well as the private sector.  This includes an understanding of systems, processes and how to assess all of these elements of the organization.
  2. Understanding of basic business and financial practices and concepts.
  3. Specific functional knowledge in the fields of Leadership Development, Information Technology, Federal Law Enforcement, Human Capital Planning and Law.
  4. Knowledge and experience in the field of facilitation to include:
  • Creating collaborative client relationships
  • Planning appropriate group processes
  • Creating and sustaining a participatory environment
  • Guiding the group to appropriate and useful outcomes
  • Building and maintaining professional knowledge
  • Modeling positive professional attitudes.

Francisca Tibo, Kenyan Program Coordinator

Francisca Melina Tibo has over 15 years’ experience as Executive Assistant with a major Auditing and Consultancy firm and a Logistics Corporation in Kenya.

Francisca’s technical and functional expertise lies in providing administration and logistical support to Senior C-Level Executives in their respective roles.  In all of her Executive Assistant positions whilst at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Rift Valley Railways Investments (Pty) Limited, she has successfully participated in various business and management initiatives involving strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership techniques and coordination of people and resources. Her activities have been focused on assisting businesses to improve performance and effectiveness.

Currently Francisca assists companies like Driving IR in developing its presence in Africa, bringing a wealth of knowledge in application of regulations and legislative process, product development and providing a reference point for information and resource planning and administration coordination.

Florence Namdiero, Kenyan Liaison

Florence N M Namdiero has over 15 years’ experience as a Public Relation Consultant. Having worked for the Alliance Group of Hotels as their Public Relations Manager, Florence’s technical knowledge in logistical support and statutory documentation has enabled her to successfully participate in various business branding events and workshops, assisting corporations to manage and improve their strategic presence locally and globally.

Currently, Florence is involved in promoting promising upcoming local entrepreneurs in product design development and market research. In addition she works closely with individual entrepreneurs in determining where their products will be effected by underlying legislative and statutory compliance requirements.

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