International Mastermind Program Description

The Kenya USA CEO Mastermind


  1. Business expansion between Kenya and the United States of America

  2. Create opportunities for collaboration, strategic alliance, import/export among participating members

  3. Grow the revenues, number of employees and profitability of each member’s business

  4. Promote cultural understanding, appreciation and fun

The Kenyan US CEO Mastermind is designed to make each CEO a better leader and a better implementer leading to business growth, expansion of markets, and greater international collaboration. The program is a 12 month membership program with participative and interactive training and coaching experiences including:

1. Monthly Skype/phone conferences focused on leadership, sales, marketing, employee management, finance, goal achievement, communication, motivation, decision making, internal systems, business planning. There will be preparation required of each participant. There will be guest experts on many calls

2. Learning from materials provided by the facilitator designed to expand business knowledge on these topics, completing exercises;

3. Participation in monthly individual coaching sessions in leadership and professional development and how to:
            (i) Engaging Yourself to Drive Results
            (ii) Engaging Employees to Drive Results
            (iii) Engaging Prospects to Drive Results

4. Annual visit of Americans to Kenya and of Kenyans to the USA. During the visit there will be a business growth conference, visits to the host companies, cultural experiences and the opportunity to see how business is conducted in the host country

5. Online discussion forum so members can ask each other questions and get feedback

Nance L. Schick“Jeri, I can’t tell you too much how grateful I am for your coaching and confidence in me (even when I resist). I love your commitment to others and the world, your humility, and your curiosity of and appreciation for all of life’s offerings. You keep me inspired.” –Nance L. Schick, Esq., Counselor at Law, Business & Conflict Resolution

6. Accountability partners. Members will be paired and put in daily or weekly contact with one another to encourage and support each other to move forward toward their goal

Participants will complete pre and post program questionnaires so measurable results can be identified and quantified.  The questionnaire will asses each company’s revenues, profitability, collaborative efforts, employees and attrition rates, use of international resources, import/export trade and a variety of other factors.

The experiences of the participants plus their results may be documented in a white paper or another publication, permission granted. Press releases will be made available to standard media and social media when appropriate.

If successful, this pilot program may be extended and duplicated in Kenya and perhaps other countries. The mastermind concept may be determined to be a highly effective means of facilitating international small business growth, economic empowerment, strategic alliances and expanded markets.

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