Develop Your Business Growth Plan in 4.5 Hours

Develop Your Business Growth Plan

Does your company go three steps forward and two steps back?

You feel you’re always running to catch up and the business stands still.

Revenue growth is stuck, profitability is stuck.

You never seem to have enough time and you’re always putting out fires.

You wonder if you’re going to join the stats of the 90% of small businesses that don’t make it to their five year anniversary.

Many business owners do more planning for a 2 week vacation than they do for their businesses. What if you planned your annual goals and aligned them with your vision and company values? What if you created stretch goals and planned strategies and actions to achieve them?

When you plan, you set yourself up for success! You define your own future rather than accepting a default future.

Here is what usually happens when business owners hire business plan consultants to plan their goals, strategies, and action steps:

jeri-teal-croppedYour Facilitator, Jeri Quinn

  • They achieve their goals because they broke them down into bite size pieces.
  • They save time and avoid wasted effort (just like using a GPS).
  • They save money not chasing every distraction.
  • They have better time management and a defined prioritization of activities, less overwhelm.
  • They see beyond the immediate issues and engage in big picture thinking going for bigger outcomes.
  • They have a scorecard, which allows for a sense of accomplishment.
  • The vision and the annual goals act like a filter preventing diversions from taking them off course.
  • They engage in “pro-active” management rather than constant fire-fighting and high tension.
  • There is more thought and research given to each initiative because it’s planned and not ad hoc.
  • They create a “Team” by defining the game plan and identifying the competition.
  • They keep their ‘A’ players.
  • Partners come together on the same page so they lead their team with a single voice.
  • They have a framework and guidelines for better delegation, reducing micro-management.



Introducing the “Develop Your Business Growth Plan in 4.5 Hours” Workshop

billySakatis“The workshop was informative and extremely helpful. We have finalized our Business Plan and it is realistic and attainable thanks to your guidance.” – Billy Sakatis, Zbrella, Inc.

This is not a business plan you put in a drawer. This is a one-page plan you refer to daily or weekly to check your goals and indicators, to guide and reinforce the decisions you’re making, and to stay focused and accountable. Many business owners get it laminated and keep it on the top of their desks so they can refer to it daily.

In this half day workshop you will define your purpose for your business and plan how you will bring it to fruition in the next 12 months with a focus on the next quarter.

You will be led through a step by step strategic planning process that will help you gain clarity and create a useful one page business plan including:

  • Purpose, vision, values
  • Annual and quarterly goals
  • Strengths, Limitations, Opportunities, Threats analysis
  • Marketing & sales plan
  • Operational & cash flow plan
  • Dashboard of critical indicators
  • Financial projections


Benefits you will get from the “Develop Your Business Growth Plan in 4.5 Hours” Workshop

tom-sm‘In her amazing workshop, Jeri helped me find a custom-made blueprint for growth that takes all the mystery out of the process, and she helped me see — for the very first time — how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I’m excited about the growth that is certain to result from the time I spent with Jeri!’ – Tom Martin, President, Tom Martin Media, LLC

  • A written document that you can use to stay focused rather than procrastinate
  • A one page business plan that you can use to stretch and drive growth
  • A painless paint-by-numbers process that gets you to come up with goals and action steps
  • Time set aside for you to step back and think about the big picture, including opportunities that you may be missing or threats that could become disasters
  • Interaction with other participants to get fresh ideas beyond what you already have thought about
  • Ideas about managing cash flow, building a revenue plan and a financial budget
  • Lists of marketing ideas, sales ideas and dashboard indicator ideas
  • Impetus to think about your business 5 years from now and how it will fit your life
  • A facilitator who asks tough questions, not the usual easy ones you ask yourself
  • A place where you and your partner are expected to think through your future together

Here’s what actually happens in the workshop. You will be led through a step-by-step process of answering questions in your workbook. There will be examples and plenty of help as you make choices. At times you will partner with other people in the room to get new answers and feedback yielding great clarity. Jeri is available to help guide each person as well as the group. There will be several breaks with fruit and pastries provided. Feel free to bring other snacks.

Where and When

Jeri will lead this workshop for groups of 3 or more people that you get together. We can plan the date and location to meet your group’s needs.

Date: as your group arranges

Time: 8:30am to 1:00pm, EST or another time as arranged

Location: as your group arranges (I have some ideas that might help)

Investment: $174

Pre-registration required: only 20 seats available (minimum 3)DownloadNow-master


All participants will receive a copy of my book:


“The Customer Loyalty Playbook”

This book gives you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of customer loyalty so you can have these benefits in your business. Just like in sports your business can have a playbook, a notebook that contains the game plays that make a team successful. Each chapter has a play diagram followed by an explanation, a case study and discussion questions to use with your team.

Recommended by Dr. Ivan Misner PhD, the founder of BNI (Business Networks International) in his words this book will “bring profit to your bottom line” and is filled with, “everything you need to know to effectively build a growing and thriving business, maintain your customer base, and obtain long-term highly efficient employees.”

Full Guarantee

If you don’t feel that you received your money’s worth after following directions and putting in 4.5 hours of work on your business plan, you can get the full fee refunded.

Your business’ future is yours to create. I look forward to working with you to help you build your business.

With warmth and respect,

Thank you. I will reply within 24 hours, unless this is a weekend or a US holiday.