Time Strategies For Crazy Busy People

Time Strategies For Crazy Busy People
An Anti-Procrastination Time Booster Program

Most people plan more for a two week vacation than they do for the other 50 weeks of the year. They make page long to-do lists, get overwhelmed, complain that there is little time and then get little accomplished. They wonder:

  •  Where is all my time going?
  •  How can I use my time more effectively?
  •  Why do I procrastinate and waste time when I have so much to do?
  •  How do I get unstuck and past all this indecision and overwhelm?
  •  How can I get these work-related things done and still have time for my life?

What is it costing you to keep on using the same time wasting habits? Time is our only non-renewable resource. Every minute you waste is a minute that can’t be recovered. Minutes add up to hours that add up to days, weeks, months, years and a lifetime. What are you trading your life for? Wouldn’t you like to know that you are trading the minutes in your life for things you choose as priorities rather than letting those minutes (hours/weeks/months) slip away unnoticed?

Are you willing to get off your gerbil wheel long enough to learn a better way?

What would happen if you took some time to master better time usage habits?

“If I could trace the recent success of my independent public relations consulting business to a single factor, I would have to say that Jeri Quinn’s business coaching has enabled me to double my income and deliver phenomenal value to every one of my clients.” – Tom Martin, Tom Martin Media

  • You would feel in control because you’re using your time in a focused prioritized way.
  •  At the end of every day you’d feel proud about what you got done. Instead of giving yourself too much to do and then beating yourself up for not doing it, you would have a manageable system that sets you up for success.
  •  You would get your realistic to-do list done rather than procrastinate. You would get past your sense of overwhelm and get focused and productive.
  •  Areas in your life and work would flourish because you actually got done what you planned to get done.
  •  Others will look at you (and you will see yourself) as more reliable and trustworthy. You show up on time, get projects done on time, suggest realistic deadlines, don’t commit to more than your schedule allows, and generally will be better at keeping your word.



Time Strategies For Crazy Busy People, An Anti-Procrastination Time Booster Program is a 5 session executive coaching program that puts time on your side. It is offered here as an individual coaching engagement. However, it is available for groups as well. This customized program focuses on your usage of time, your projects, your crazy busy schedule in your environment. Here are the program benefits:

“Jeri has lifted my shield of procrastination bringing my business the best two months I’ve had this year.  I now make decisions quickly without wasting energy hemming and hawing over the “next best step” to take.   She has given me practical tools that help me complete goals I want to achieve rather than spinning my wheels trying to accomplish goals set by everyone else. Working with Jeri is the best investment I’ve made for my business and myself this year – and for many years to come.”  — Dechay Watts, Sprout Content

  •  You will develop a time management system that works for you. It will allow you to get more done and work smarter.
  •  You will change your attitude about your time, from being it’s servant to being it’s master, bringing you a greater sense of control, power and pride.
    Your coach Jeri Quinn, 35 years of helping business leaders be more successful


  •  You will learn how to plan a realistic schedule and get better and better at keeping it. Your time management muscle will get stronger with practice.
  •  You will develop prioritization capabilities that will make your use of time more focused, motivating and meaningful. Your activities will align with the major purposes you aspire to. You will know and choose what you are trading your life for.
  •  You will experience a paradigm shift toward investing your time rather than spending your time. This attitudinal shift can change your perspective on everything enhancing your self-leadership.
  • You will learn a fail-safe method of goal achievement with time targets. Our proprietary methodology of goal setting/achievement is a part of this program.
  •  You will be held accountable for making continual progress by your coach. You’ve already proven to yourself that you can’t do it on your own. Your coach won’t let you slip up. Your hand will be held as you transition to a new way of thinking about your use of time.


Here’s what actually happens during the coaching program.

“My initial reservations about investing in a coach were quickly dispelled when I saw the immediate return on my investment. I had always considered myself effective when it came to time management, but I learned new methods to increase my efficiency as well as strategies to increase the efficiency of my staff. Further, Jeri’s insights and new perspectives have helped me utilize this extra time in ways that have directly increased by sales by over 30%.”  — Michael Dischley, Frenkel Benefits

The coaching program is customized to you. Usually the five sessions (60 minutes each) happen over 5-7 weeks allowing for individual schedules. Expect 2-3 hours of field work between each session. You will receive materials including text, audio and action plan. You will have full access to your coach between sessions.

Full Guarantee

If you don’t feel that you received your money’s worth after 3 sessions, you can get the full fee refunded, less the cost of the materials which are yours to keep.


 Here Is Why You Want to Register Now!

  • If you want to finally get a handle on your crazy busy schedule, get control of your priorities and make your life sane, you’ll register immediately. Why wait? Is it because you don’t have time? This program will help you find the time. Not a good excuse.
  • Wouldn’t it be a great way to start off the new year? Having the skill set in place to go after the goals you are establishing for yourself? Why set goals for the new year and not empower yourself to achieve them?
  • Would this be a great gift for someone you care about who also lives a crazy busy life? Why not do it together (discounts are available for groups, even groups of 2)


Another Bonus

As a bonus you will receive a complimentary assessment of your decision making style. You will find out your top strengths from a pool of 78 attributes and how those contribute to your effectiveness. All knowledge is self-knowledge because we view the world through our own perceptions and ‘colored glasses.’ You will learn about yourself, areas where your talents and perceptions can be relied upon. And you’ll also learn where your blind spots are. This information can get you past blocks and get you moving forward. Imagine if you used your top talents (rather than relying on non-talents) to propel your life and career.


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