The Ambitious Executive Development Program

Do you feel you have a lot of potential that is not yet utilized? Potential is such a terrible thing to waste.

New York Business Coach | Executive Development Programs | Business Consulting Firm | Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachAmbitious executives believe they are the CEO’s of their own careers, in charge of their own paths and incomes.

You want to make more money. You want more leadership, more responsibilities, more people working for you, more money making opportunities.

You’re on a slow track and you want to be on a fast track. Perhaps you work in a company that is bringing you along, but much too slowly. You know you could be growing faster. You’re ready to move to the next level. You’re starting to feel limited, trapped and restless

In our work with executives we find that smart ambitious individuals are ready to move forward faster than most companies have spots to fill. If you’re smart and ambitious, then you’re probably considering whether to stay, jump to another company or start your own. You are eager for new challenges. You know you need to prep yourself and you are eager to develop your potential to handle bigger responsibilities. You want to move your own needle.


Some Key Issues You’re Dealing With

  • You’re not looking forward to each new day. Work isn’t fun and you’re not getting enough new experiences that you can learn from. You feel like you’re repeating the same year over and over. You wonder if there’s something you’re lacking. Not playing at the top of your game may be eating away at your self-esteem.
  • You feel like you have so much more untapped potential. You’re ready to learn, to grow, to take on more responsibility. You’ve been successful up until a little while ago and now it seems like you’ve stalled. You want to keep your skills moving forward.
  • Your earning potential is also stalled. Your raises are only incremental. You’re ready for a big jump. You’ve hit a ceiling without a clear vision of how to raise the bar.
  • Your ambition has taken a back seat to ‘learning the ropes’. Yes, you’ve spent time ‘learning the ropes’, But now it seems like you’re just ‘repeating the ropes’ and putting in time. Neither your boss nor HR is very sympathetic. Self doubt is part of the picture because you’re not learning and moving forward.


This Is What You Want For Yourself Instead:

  •  New York Business Coach | Executive Development Programs | Business Consulting Firm | Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachYou want the excitement of a challenge. When you get up in the morning you are looking forward to learning new things, solving new problems, collaborating with knowledgeable leaders in your field. The projects are juicy and meaty. You’re energized to be working on them.
  • You want to be flourishing. You want to know you’re on a long term path ofusing your mind and developing your potential – moving forward down a defined trail that is clear to you. You’ve become unstuck, your self esteem is blooming, and your self doubt has been overpowered.
  • Your income has the opportunity to grow. No longer relegated to ‘same-old, same-old,’ you can earn more based on how intelligently and how solidly you apply your effort and your creativity. You get a higher salary or promoted to a P&L responsible position that comes with bonuses. You have more control.
  • Your ambition can plan your destiny. You have choices, more options, more ways to create the career you want. You’ve prepped yourself to become more versatile. You can handle more situations. You have more insight and clarity. You’re more proactive than reactive. You’ve developed your self-leadership to a new level.


Is This Really Possible?

New York Business Coach | Executive Development Programs | Business Consulting Firm | Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachMy initial reservations about investing in a coach were quickly dispelled when I saw the immediate return on my investment. I had always considered myself effective when it came to time management, but I learned new methods to increase my efficiency as well as strategies to increase the efficiency of my staff. Further, Jeri’s insights and new perspectives have helped me utilize this extra time in ways that have directly increased my sales by over 30%.” —Michael Dischley, Vice-President, Frenkel Benefits, LLC

Yes, you can have a flourishing exciting career where you set the pace.

The Ambitious Executive Development Program™ is specifically designed to develop your potential and prep you for expanded leadership. The program provides aggressive immersion, insights, tools, and support to develop you so you’re ready for more responsibility, more big picture thinking and execution, additional promotions and bigger challenges.

Your self-leadership and leadership of others will be examined and stretched so you develop more skills, more self-confidence and more role awareness. You will look at self-limiting behaviors and learn to replace them with habits that enable growth. More than just training, you will feel and think like the leader you were meant to become.

You will learn and experience things that you don’t know that you don’t know. Extensive brain research, understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind, communication, managerial practices, leadership paradigms, productivity enhancement, emotional intelligence are included. Goal setting and achievement will be a heavy focus.

You will develop a personal brand that is bigger than your role in your current workplace. Your brand will define you and be portable so you have more options. You will be able to market yourself within your company and to other potential employers. We will work on communicating your brand to your growing network and making you more visible.


There Are Some Things That Make This Program Unique…

  •  It is customized to you, your ambitions and your needs. Much of the specific content will be matched to your goals and your situation. We have extensive experience with many scenarios from leading-up to starting your own consultancy. The program is designed to be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • This is a long-term program designed to make permanent changes. It is carefully structured to create momentum and continuity. Based on educational psychology, it builds on itself through various modalities including implementing goals in the workplace. It applies to your real world. Better than the two-day boot-camp which usually leads to no-change.
  • Our work together is about you and how you function in your eco-system. You will naturally work on being well rounded as a self-leader in all aspects of your life so you can be a model for others as well as manage your energy, focus, authenticity, relationships and time usage. This program focuses on your professional self but doesn’t leave out work life balance.
  • We are master practitioners in a variety of personal change modalities such as neural linguistic programming, appreciative inquiry, non-verbal communication, personal and workplace assessments, plus more. We bring this extensive skill set and understanding to the work we do with you. Our 35 years of providing business management and professional development has prepped us to work with you.


This Program Has Significant Key Benefits

  • New York Business Coach | Executive Development Programs | Business Consulting Firm | Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachYou will see tangible results in more income, a promotion, or your particular goals. Your development will become apparent to those around you who will recognize your readiness for a promotion or a move to a better position in a new company.
  • You will feel more in control of your future. We will work on those things that give you proactive options and make you more marketable inside or outside your organization.
  • Your self-confidence will grow. Leadership happens from the inside out. We will work on building your intrinsic leadership core so it naturally emanates from you, resulting in the heightening of your self-esteem and decreased moments of self-doubt.
  • You will have more personal time to spend on the meaningful non-work parts of your life. You’ll be working smarter not longer with enhanced skills in delegation, prioritization, systemization, productivity and focus.
  • You will be able to coach your staff on the leadership and management skills you’ve mastered. The earmark of a good leader is that s/he brings others along and empowers his/her employees to learn, grow and accept more responsibility.


This Program Has A Structure That Is Guaranteed To Deliver Results

We empower the ‘inner you’ polishing your talents to shine, and then build your leadership skills and professional network

  1. We start with assessments. We use a variety of assessments to determine your strengths, motivations, behavioral styles, communication styles, plus more. We look to see what strengths you want to build on.
  2. We then immerse you in content to expand your world. You will read, listen to, discuss, and apply in depth areas in self-leadership, decision making, communication, time/stress/energy management, dealing with change, leading others, emotional intelligence, self-sabotage, vision and values.
  3. You then apply your realizations and discoveries to current situations and behaviors. As you find things you want to change about your leadership, we will work together to make them happen. You will learn a goal planning and achieving methodology that you can use for the rest of your life as well as develop a personal prioritized strategic plan, for your career/business.
  4. Practice, feedback and reinforcement. How do you get better at anything?  You give it a try and make corrections each time. Listen to feedback, incorporate improvements, replace old habits with new ones. We will create systems and metrics to track change. You will role play how you can include great leadership practices in your everyday actions.
  5. Celebrate, assess the improvements, debrief the lessons learned, internalize the changes.  You feel yourself and team/business at a new level. When you adjust to the new norm, we prepare you for the next growth spurt.
  6. Repeat with new still-higher goals and deeper self knowledge. Additional materials and goals are presented at an advanced level. You experience more evolved strategic planning, continued process improvement and more celebration.
  7. During this process we are building your brand identity and your network. We develop what you have you learned about your strengths and the value you bring into your core message, a tangible identity. Then we explore how you express that with people in your environment, on LinkedIn and other social media, on your business cards, blog, and website.

Dechay Watts| New York Business Coach | Executive Development Programs | Business Consulting Firm | Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business Coach‘We’re booked through Dec and have more money in the bank than I’ve had in the past 4 years. I’m thrilled. And, I have to credit you with one of our biggest productivity tactics – scheduling our time in advance. Every Friday we look at the billable/non-billable work for the next week and schedule our calendars. It really helps us stay focused each day. I also use the budget tool that you gave me, which has allowed us to meet our revenue goals for the past 3 months. It’s very exciting! Your advice and guidance truly set a strong foundation for what SPROUT is becoming’. — Dechay Watts, Content Strategist & SEO Web Writer, SPROUT Content

  1. You will be held accountable. You will meet with your coach 3 times a month for six months, 60-90 minutes at each session (face-to-face or phone or Skype). There will be field work to complete between sessions including accomplishing goals, reading and listening, self-assessments, etc. Plan to spend several hours a week on field work.
  2. Your coach practices ‘Tough love’ so that you can overcome resistance to change, get the work done, and stay on track to accomplish your goals.
  3. You will have unlimited phone and email contact with your coach for the entire 6 months. Your coach is available for 10 minute laser coaching calls and success celebrations. Your emails will be answered. We are truly in your court as you go through this process.
  4. Jeri’s ‘virtual rolodex’ is open to you. We will connect you to those people who can make a difference for you and your career. We are willing to introduce you to people in our network.



Is The Ambitious Executive Development Program Right For You?

Are you ready …?

  • To see your executive career grow to the next income level and leadership level?
  • To develop your potential and give yourself new challenges?
  • To proactively take charge as the CEO of your career?
  • To transform yourself into a great leader and learn skills that can bring others along (truly the sign of a great leader)?
  • To build a professional brand and network that is portable between employers, careers, and perhaps your own firm?
  • To commit to having a well balanced personal and professional life that works, where your self leadership is dictated by your priorities?
  • Are you ready to invest the time and finances required to build the person you need to become to create the future you want?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, The Ambitious Executive Development Program™ is right for you.


It’s Easy To Get Started

New York Business Coach | Executive Development Programs | Business Consulting Firm | Business Growth | Business Consulting Firm | New York Business CoachShe helped me discover how to redirect my efforts to best capitalize on my skills. Her coaching program is direct, personal, focused and entirely effective. I recommend it without reservation. — Lenny Sass, Rainbow Movers

Let’s Set Up an Executive Strategy Session to Explore Your Needs

I invite you to a complimentary strategy session. This is a no-obligation way to find out more about the program and whether it’s a good fit for you.

In this session we will explore your unique situation, what kind of results you would like to create and whether this program may be of help or not. We’ll also discuss your challenges and what steps you need to take to ensure your success. I’ll answer any questions you might have about The Ambitious Executive Development Program™ and we’ll see if it’s the right next step for you at this time.

If not, I will make other suggestions about routes to pursue. Whatever the outcome, you will leave the conversation with more clarity and enthusiasm about what’s possible.

The conversation will take 60-90 minutes and can be done in person, by phone, or Skype. Click on the button below and complete the contact form. I will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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With warmth and respect,
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Where To Next?

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